Precontact History and Cultural Legacy

of Forest Research Sites in Southwestern Oregon

Southwest Oregon Indian woman with burden basket, ca. 1860 (LaLande 1980: 123)

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by Bob Zybach, NW Maps Co., March 15, 2007

This report was created under contract to Mike Newton, Oregon State University, as part of a long-term research study of three forested areas on USDI Bureau of Land Management properties in southwest Oregon. The principal findings for this report are provided in PDF format, but all maps, figures, tables, and supportive text are made available online in standard HTML and JPG formats.


Final Report Summary (23 pp.) [PDF_823_KB]

References (included in Report Summary: [PDF_35_KB]

Historical Maps and Survey Notes

1855-1882 GLO Tree Species and Diameter Classes

1916 Timber Cruise Data



Source Description
Black & Black 1990 Photographs and captions of Applegate Valley history
Johnson 1978 Photographs and captions of Applegate Valley history
LaLande 1980 Historical photographs of SW Oregon
Walling 1884 Detailed drawings of SW Oregon landscapes



A. People
Native Indian Residents, 1826-1856
Regional Visitors, 1826-1851
  Immigrant Settlers, 1852-1884
Notable Residents, 1885-2007
B. Places
  Indian Names, 1826-1851
  Cultural Landscape Patterns, 1826-1884
Alphabetized Index to Place Names, 1827-1980
Geographic Index to Place Names, 1852 - 1980
C. Plants
Cultural Plants: Indicator Species
Landscape Patterns: Cultural Aspects
Documented Indian Burning Practices
D. Chronology
  10,000 BP to 1000 AD: Ancient Lands and People
  1000 to 1500: Ancient Forests
  1500 to 1650: Historical Old-growth Forests
  1650 to 1775: Historical Second-growth Forests
  1776 to 1851: Early Historical Forests
  1852 to 1856: Rogue River Indian Wars
  1857 to 1884: Gold Mining
  1885 to 1945: Family Farming
  1946 to 1986: Logging
  1987 to 2007: Forest Fires


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