Cover Photo: Bob Zybach on Abbot Butte, B&B Complex Burn, Oregon, May 18, 2003. (Photo by Nana Lapham)

Forest Restoration: Problems and Opportunities

by Dr. Bob Zybach

REFERENCE: Zybach, Bob 2012. "Forest Restoration: Problems and Opportunities," Oregon Fish & Wildlife Journal, Vol. 34, No. 2: 15-27. [PDF_4_MB].

This article is the second of a series of four published in Oregon Fish & Wildlife Journal during 2012. The series was specific to the prediction and mitigation of forest and prairie wildfires in Oregon, but has general application for most forests and grassslands in the western U.S. -- particularly those lands managed by the federal government. The other three articles in the series (one is actually a short introductory editorial), and an earlier article I coauthored regarding Wildfire Economics (which is directly referenced in the introduction to this series), are linked in the table below.

This was first published in the Spring of 2012 by Cristy Rein, long-time editor and publisher of Oregon Fish & Wildlife Journal. The Journal doesn't publish an online version of their magazine for business and advertising reasons, but have a focused distribution of 10,000 copies per issue; a number including all subscribers and advertisers as well as "all members of Congress and 1,000 doctors, lawyers, and business waiting rooms across rural Oregon." The large number of loyal advertisers are heavily represented by family-owned logging, trucking, sawmilling, nursery, landscaping, and construction businesses.

To contact Cristy Rein or Oregon Fish & Wildlife Journal, go to:

NOTE: This article is missing its final two words -- "is now" -- which were inadvertently left out when it was converted from the final draft to magazine format.


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