The cover of the Spring 2015 Umpqua Trapper features a 2000 woodcut by Alison Saar titled "Washtub Blues." The rights to use this image as cover art for a biography of Letitia Carson currently being written and as the icon for a related educational website focused on her life ( are by permission of L.A. Louvre, Venice, California.

The Search for Letitia Carson in Douglas County, Oregon,

Part II. Letitia Carson and the Homestead Act, 1862-1869

by Dr. Bob Zybach

REFERENCE: Zybach, Bob 2015. "The Search for Letitia Carson in Douglas County, Part II: Letitia Carson & The Homestead Act, 1862-1868," The Umpqua Trapper, Douglas County Historical Society, Vol. 51, No. 1: 3-23. [PDF_12_MB]

This article is the second (or third) in a series of articles about Letitia Carson and her life in Douglas County, Oregon. These articles are being published in whole or in part by the Genealogical Society of Douglas County, Inc. (DCGS) in their quarterly publication Douglas County Pioneer, and by the Douglas County Historical Society (DCHS) in their quarterly publication The Umpqua Trapper.

The principal purposes of these articles are to: 1) inform people and make them aware of Letitia Carson's place in Oregon history and in US history; and 2) hopefully locate people who may have the interest, time, and ability to aid in the research of Letitia's life -- and the lives of her children and their father -- from 1800 to 1922.


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